File Import Guidelines

Field Descriptions

Field Name Required Notes
Part Number Yes OEM part number without modifications. Buyers will not find your parts if you modify the actual OEM part number.
Quantity Yes Also referred to as an on-hand quantity. Parts with a zero on-hand quantity will not be imported.
Part Type Yes Accepted values include: New, NOS, Used and Reproduction. NOS stands for "New-Old-Stock" and are parts that have never been installed, but are older and may show signs of shelf ware.
OEM Licensed No Accepted values include: Yes or No. This describes whether the part is officially licensed by the original manufacturer.
Selling Price No If selling price is zero or not provided buyers will see a "Request Price" message.
List Price No This is the manufacturer's suggest price or similar pricing guide.
Description No Short description of the part.
Your field names can be any name you choose. You will map your names to the fields during the import.

Best Practices

  • Import your entire inventory. Buyers are searching for everything.
  • The first row should be the column name. This makes future imports faster & easier.
  • Use the same file format every time. The import process will recognize the file and apply the right import settings.
  • Comma Separated (CSV) files are recommended, and required with over 25,000 parts.
  • Provide as many fields as you have available
  • Do not combine part number and description. The two fields cannot be separated by the import process

Accepted File Formats

  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Comma Separated (.csv)